Two More Kickstarters

I’m working hard now to get all the Victor Storm books properly edited, proofread, packaged, and published. It’s a lot of work, but I want it done this week. This means long, focused days. Focusmate to the rescue.

I’m eager to finish these projects because, I’ve pretty much decided to do the dangerous but cool Kickstarter I mentioned before–next week. It will be a lot of fun, but also dangerous, and probably four weeks long.

And, that one will be followed a week later with another one that’s even cooler.

I can’t wait to share the details. First, though, I need to get these Victor Storm books out.

Funded, Next

I’m working hard to deliver the rewards promised from my just-ended Kickstarter, and I hope to have SIX new Victor Storm novels out in the next two weeks, plus two bundles. I don’t think I’ll do another Kickstarter for the next Victor Storm bundle, though.

But that doesn’t mean I’m done with Kickstarter. I’m toying with the idea of launching a two-week Kickstarter, and in the duration of it write the novel that is the subject of the Kickstarter. I would post daily updates, and it would be a lot of fun. Maybe it would generate interest.

If I decide to do it, and I probably will, I will probably launch it within two weeks. Also, it will have a topic that should garner more interest and support than vigilante thrillers.

Spring Rains Kickstarter Funded

Thanks to readers, friends, and family surely more generous than I deserve, my Kickstarter has funded. I am truly humbled and grateful.

As of this moment, though, it hasn’t ended yet. The Victor Storm stories are fun, and there is still a couple hours left to get in on the action with a pledge for a reward.

If I didn’t have the books right here on another desktop, I might take the offer up myself.

Thank you to everyone who supported, everyone who spread the word, and everyone who simply read the campaign and smiled.

One day left

There’s only one day left of my Kickstarter, and I’m not sure it’s going to make it. I’ll keep pushing, though, but maybe they were right. I don’t know.

One thing I do know, however, is that this has been a good experience. This public effort has forced me to make some decisions and get some things in place that I’ve been struggling with for a while, like my revamped mailing list and direct sales.

And I also know that, regardless of the outcome, SIX more Victor Storm novels are about to hit the market. If the Kickstarter doesn’t get funded, I probably will not do the Spring Rains bundle, but maybe that’s just as well. I can’t wait until all the Victor Storm novels are live and bingeable.

After that, I’ll be pushing to get a new book out every week or two, a goal I can certainly hit. It’s going to be a fun ride.

They said it won’t work

A Kickstarter pro said my Kickstarter won’t work. I don’t have enough social media presence. My mailing list is too small. I don’t have enough Rewards. My genre doesn’t work on Kickstarter. It’s the wrong time.

Is that right? Maybe.

In response, I considered the advice. I can’t change the timing, or the genre, or the size of my social presence. But I can change the rewards. So that I did. I’ve added new discounts for both e-books and print books, and the ability to add more individual print books, and “starter sets” of both e-books and paperbacks.

Will it be enough? I don’t know, but I’m pretty happy with it. If you like books, you should check it out, and tell your friends.