Clowns Versus Comicon

Clowns Versus Comicon
Series: Con Chaos, Book 3
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction
Tag: Coming Soon

A humble garbageman teams up again with old friends, this time to try to rescue a pop-culture convention from an army of killer clowns.

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About the Book

Vance Campbell has once again come to visit Comicon. He hopes to see some old friends, eat a tasty luncheon, get an un-insulting award, and not fight for his life.

But when he finds that the security team from the previous years has been replaced with a crew of literal clowns, he begins to suspect that he might not get what he wants again.

Now, with the clowns turning violent, and the people in charge unable or unwilling to see the problem, Vance gets pulled once again into the effort to save Comicon from itself, and the clowns.

If you like campy, absurd, and realistic science fiction adventures with page-turning action, you’ll enjoy Clowns Versus Comicon.

Clowns Versus Comicon is being completed now. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list for updates and to be notified when it is available to read.

I can't believe I'm fighting for my life at Comicon again. Clowns?! WTF?!
– Vance Campbell