Swamp Monster

Swamp Monster
Series: Victor Storm, Book 3
Genres: Crime, Suspense
Tag: Featured Books
Length: novel
ASIN: B089FT934C
ISBN: 9781961042216

A retired soldier tries to keep to himself, but he keeps finding situations that would benefit from his special set of skills.

About the Book

’Roid rage, PTSD, and snake’s nest of lies

Victor Storm doesn’t want to kill people anymore, but he can’t stop looking for trouble.

And when he finds a girl who reminds him of his daughter being menaced by a jerk, and when his class profiles a pedophile with political connections, Victor again can’t turn away.

Now, Victor wants to find a way to handle both situations without killing anybody. But he’s killed before, and he will if he has to.

If you like troubled heroes with nothing to lose bringing the hammer of justice down on punks who deserve it, you’ll love the page-turning suspense of Swamp Monster.

Page-turning vigilante action stories, the Victor Storm books contain graphic violence, strong language, and intense themes. They can be read and enjoyed in any order.

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