Zombies Versus Comicon

Zombies Versus Comicon
Series: Con Chaos
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction
Publication Year: 2015
Length: novel
ISBN: 9781961042094

Vance Campbell just wanted to score some free Comicon tickets. Now he finds himself trapped on the underground mezzanine level, after hours, with real zombies.

About the Book

After hours. Underground. Trapped. With real zombies.

Humble garbageman Vance Campbell doesn’t care very much for comic books, superheroes, or pop culture in general, but his wife does, so he has volunteered to work at the local convention to get tickets for her and their daughter.

Now, Vance finds himself trapped by a broken elevator on the mezzanine level with a motley crew of other volunteers, vendors, and celebrities. To get out they’ll have to make their way around to the other elevator—and straight through a hungry horde of undead spawned by the earthquake—before the horror envelops the rest of Comicon, and his family.

If you like campy apocalyptic adventures that don’t sacrifice scientific plausibility for great fun, where the characters are locked in a desperate battle against unknown forces, with neither the skills nor the equipment to handle the violent task, and you like turning blood-soaked pages as fast as you can, laughing with your heart pounding all the while, you’ll love Zombies Versus Comicon.

Fans of realistic, plausible, funny science fiction stories will enjoy the Con Chaos series of campy but realistic pop-culture monster novels, which can be enjoyed in any order, but which may be best without spoilers when read in order. The Con Chaos books contain graphic violence, strong language, intense situations, and frequent absurd humor.

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