Winter Kills

Winter Kills
Series: Victor Storm, Book 1
Genres: Crime, Suspense
Publication Year: 2007
Length: Novella

A retired special forces soldier looking for wisdom and a simple life battles a desperate criminal and an inept bureaucracy after experiencing a terrible crime.

About the Book

Here comes Victor Storm.

In most ways, Victor Storm is like most of us. He has a limited income, and he’s keeping things simple to live within his means. He’s taking a class at the local community college, trying to figure out what to do with himself. He’s haunted by a complicated past, and he wants to figure out what’s good to do in the world. And when a random act of violence tears his world apart, Victor tries to do the right thing: He lets the system go after the perpetrator, and he trusts that justice will prevail.

When the system drops the ball, however, it becomes more complicated, because Victor Storm is definitely not like most of us. He’s a retired Special Forces soldier, trained in improvising, stealth, and close-quarters combat. He’s more than capable of exacting justice himself—if he can figure out what that means.

This first book in the Crusader series shows how Victor Storm found a new life, by losing it all, in the mean days of winter.