The Crazy Jack

The Crazy Jack
Series: Jack Trexlor, Book 1980
Genres: Crime, Noir, Suspense
Tag: Featured books
Publication Year: 2014
Length: novel

In 1980, Jack concocts a desperate plan to get a life of art for himself and justice for his girlfriend, who harbors a terrible secret.

About the Book

In 1980, Jack does not go crazy.

Eighteen-year-old Jack Trexlor wants a life of art, and although he knows he’ll face his father’s wrath to pursue it, he’s prepared himself to pay that price.

But when his girlfriend tells him a devastating story, he swears to get justice for her—and prove to her that he can.

Now, with the help of his girlfriend’s sister, Jack does everything he can to make things right for his girlfriend, and as things grow progressively worse in every part of his life, he grows more and more desperate, until it all boils down to one desperate gamble for everything.

If you like noir stories where a troubled hero fights the world to get justice for a girl, all while battling his own demons and deficiencies, you’ll love the page-turning descent into madness that is The Crazy Jack.

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