About Terry F. Torrey

It’s not a mystery

 [Image of T.F. Torrey in the desert in 2006 at Squaw Peak.] This is the personal website of author T.F. Torrey, the central point of his online life and writings. This website has been around in many forms since about 1999.

Who Is T.F. Torrey

T.F. Torrey wakes up every day filled with gratitude at being alive in the best time to be a writer in the history of the world. He works hard every day to write at pulp speed. He produces stories where quirky characters get drawn into murky plots, with a predilection for the absurd and the noir. His classical education in creative writing combined with deep study of character dynamics and narrative structure allows him to create stories that feel structurally sound and deeply satisfying, even when the characters face bleak circumstances and are unable to find satisfaction of their own. He counts Frank Gruber, Robert Heinlein, Donald Westlake, Lawrence Block, J.A. Konrath, Barry Eisler, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and Dean Wesley Smith among his writing heroes. He endeavors to take maximum advantage of contemporary long-tail publication venues and 21st-century marketing channels to get his books into the hands of a growing legion of fans. He lives in sunny Arizona with his beautiful wife and lovely daughter, and his work can be found online at terryftorrey.com.


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Mailing list and spam

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