The Dancing Queen

The Dancing Queen
$18.99eBook: $8.99
Series: Jack Trexlor, Book 1991
Genres: Crime, Noir, Suspense
Tag: Featured books
Publication Year: 2014
Length: novel
ISBN: 9781961042056

In 1991, Jack dabbles in drugs, falls in love with a stripper, and gets double-crossed in one big deal designed to break them free.

About the Book

In 1991, Jack falls in love with a beauty.

Twenty-nine-year-old Jack Trexlor doesn’t realize that his life has gone off the rails: tending bar at a topless club, getting too close to the dancers, and getting involved in drugs. He thinks he’s living the good life.

But when a mysterious stranger stops into the club on a hot September evening, Jack’s world gets suddenly turned upside down.

Now, Jack works desperately to put together one last big deal to buy a new life for himself and his favorite dancer, but the dealers at this level don’t mess around or give second chances, not even for a poor fool who has been double-crossed and betrayed.

If you like noir stories where a troubled hero fights the world to get justice for a girl, all while battling his own demons and deficiencies, you’ll love the page-turning adventure of The Dancing Queen.

The Jack Trexlor books can be read and enjoyed in any order.

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