The Dancing Queen

The Dancing Queen
Series: Jack Trexlor, Book 1991
Genres: Crime, Noir, Suspense
Publication Year: 2014
Length: novel

In 1991, Jack dabbles in drugs, falls in love with a stripper, and gets double-crossed in one big deal designed to break them free.

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About the Book

Find lust in the shadows!

It’s Phoenix, Arizona, 1991, and Jack Trexlor is loving life. He tends bar at a topless bar called Sally’s, he flirts with a hot young dancer named Brandy, and he rides a Harley. One problem, though: he has started doing a lot of crystal meth. Another problem: with another dancer named Raven, Jack is delivering “anonymous” packages for Rico, a smooth-talking customer at the bar. No matter, though, all is good — until the night the stranger comes in and shakes things up. Suddenly, everybody’s breaking the rules, and Jack has taken on a mission to “save” Brandy, whatever that means. Fortunately, Lulu, a waitress at Sally’s, wants to help him. Jack doesn’t want her help, though. He wants to take Brandy away and start a new life. So when Rico offers Jack the chance to make a big score, he jumps at it. It’s the perfect opportunity for Jack to get everything he wants, until it all goes as wrong as it can. How will Jack get out of the biggest trouble of his life? Will he be able to save Brandy? Will he be able to save himself? And seriously, what is with Jack’s obsession with strippers? There’s only one place you can find out: the wild ride of sex and drugs and rock and roll called The Dancing Queen.

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