Taxi Adventure

Taxi Adventure
$17.99eBook: $7.99
Series: Standalone Books
Genres: Crime, Mystery
Tag: Featured books
Publication Year: 2015
Length: novel
ISBN: 9781961042070

An honest taxi driver and his girlfriend scramble to return a briefcase despite the company's quirky drivers and the increasingly hostile man who lost it.

About the Book

Find the briefcase. Save the company. Win the girl. Before sunrise.

Young taxi driver Horatio “Race” Rivera wants nothing more than to drive the history taxi for quirky company Taxi Adventure—and to sweep the owner’s daughter off her feet.

But when an impaired fare leaves a briefcase behind in his taxi, and it goes missing from the company’s lost-and-found locker, his simple dreams get turned upside down.

Now, with the company’s corporate investors threatening a hostile takeover, Race has twenty-four hours to overcome the company’s quirky drivers and crazy fares, find the briefcase and get it back to its owner, and somehow help rescue the company’s financial situation—or risk losing everything forever.

If you like realistic stories of characters struggling against a world of chaos and absurdity to restore order before the clock runs out, you’ll love the page-turning suspense of Taxi Adventure.

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