First Lies

First Lies
Series: Collections, Book 1
Genre: Collections
Publication Year: 2001
ISBN: 9780971369764

Stories of spirits and souls, demons and devils, cemeteries and ghosts, unexplained phenomena and random violence, imagined and tortured as only a beginning writer can.

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About the Book

16 stories of darkness and promise

In the beginning, as in many beginnings, there were deals with the Devil, attacks by unlikely demons, ghost dogs, strange things in a cemetery, long walks home, true love and true hate and true ambivalence. Hack Hammond fought “Indestructum” for his girlfriend and the world. Denis Grey took “A Walk Down Main Street” sometime after Clinton Irving vowed there would be “No More Lonely Knights.” Angela found quite a reason to “Make It Big.” Caspar Thomas should have thought things through before “Four Hours,” and Conrad Warner should have seen it coming in “Dog Days.” And everyone just stared at “The Obelisk.” In the beginning, there were First Lies ….

Some of these stories have appeared in minor publications both on- and off-line. Though early work and rough, many of the tales here are genuinely good. Others are decent, but several are truly drivel. Read at your own caution.

I was so caught up in the story that I forgot my bike on the bus.
– J.M.
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