Angel of Death

Angel of Death
Series: Victor Storm, Book 2
Genre: Suspense
Tags: book, Featured books, St. Louis, Victor Storm, vigilante
Publication Year: 2016
Length: novel

Victor Storm uses his Special Forces training to amend a misstep of justice discussed in his philosophy class, at a personal cost.

About the Book

Victor Storm isn’t looking for trouble.

Victor Storm is trouble.

Victor Storm wants his life back. A career in the Special Forces left him feeling empty and adrift in the world, struggling to cope with PTSD and to figure out what to do with himself. His erratic and dangerous behavior drove away his wife and daughters two years ago. Now, he wants them to come home. To make that happen, he knows he needs to get a bigger house, a steady life, and treatment from the VA. Unfortunately, his plan is easier to make than to execute. He fills in his free time by looking for trouble in local bars. He can’t seem to step inside the VA hospital. And the ethics class he takes to ground his mind and give him direction instead introduces him to a serial killer going free. With the help of an old army friend, his sister, and a fellow student, Victor tries to get his life back on track. His past and future combine to thwart his plans, however, when his trouble-hunting turns up more than he bargained for, his wife springs plans of her own, and the killer known as the Angel of Death seems untouchable except by someone with unique skills and an unusual situation. With his life spinning out of control, Victor concocts a desperate plan to restore his life with the only reliable tools he has: his military training in the the deadly application of overwhelming force. But will he solve his problems, or make them worse?

Angel of Death is the second installment in the Victor Storm series of vigilante justice books. If you like to see men of action twisting and torn on their own convictions, or men of quiet power imposing their will for justice on an unjust world, then you’ll love T.F. Torrey’s powerful look at a reluctant warrior.

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