The Desert King

The Desert King
Series: Jack Trexlor, Book 1
Genres: Noir, Suspense
Publication Year: 2007
Length: novel

In 1985, Jack reconnects with old friends and an enigmatic Navajo man, who leads them on a terrifying, high-speed adventure in the Arizona desert.

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About the Book

Get lost in the desert!

It’s 1985, and Jack Trexlor is finally out of the Arizona Insane Asylum. He’d like to simply tend bar, paint pictures, and lay low for a while, but when his old friend Macy Barnes turns up, things quickly spiral out of control. Macy introduces him to an enigmatic Navajo man named John Lupo and the high-adrenaline world of the desert. Thrilled by adventure, Jack accepts their invitation to a weekend fishing trip. By the cool water of the Verde River, deep in the heart of the desert, he thinks he just may find something he’s been missing. What he finds instead is trouble. The group grows to include John’s girlfriend and Macy’s wife, and snakes, scorpions, and the ghosts of Jack’s own past keep everybody on their toes. And when some poachers slink out of the sagebrush, things go from bad to worse. As their quiet fishing trip decays into a desperate ordeal of survival, Jack slowly comes to realize that, even if John Lupo can lead them out of the desert, nothing will ever be the same.

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