The Desert King

The Desert King
Series: Jack Trexlor, Book 1
Genres: Noir, Suspense
Publication Year: 2007
Length: novel
ISBN: 9780971369757

In 1985, Jack reconnects with old friends and an enigmatic Navajo man, who leads them on a terrifying, high-speed adventure in the Arizona desert.

About the Book

In 1985, Jack finds adventure in the desert.

Twenty-three-year-old Jack Trexlor, fresh out of the crazy house, tends bar by night, paints by day, and dreams of something bigger.

And when an old friends pops back into his life and introduces him to a mysterious stranger and an outlandish game, Jack finds himself intrigued by the adrenaline rush.

Now, on a weekend fishing trip to the desert, Jack and his friends stumble across a pair of poachers out for revenge, and the pleasant getaway rapidly descends into a desperate ordeal.

If you like noir stories where a troubled hero fights the world to get justice for a girl, all while battling his own demons and deficiencies, you’ll love the page-turning adventure of The Desert King.

The Jack Trexlor books can be read and enjoyed in any order.

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