Bibliomania: A Novelette

Bibliomania: A Novelette
Series: Standalone Books
Genre: Science Fiction
Publication Year: 2014
Length: novelette

In a dystopian future where paper books are outlawed, a group of paper-book treasure hunters stumbles upon the find of a lifetime.

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About the Book

If paper books were outlawed, would you be an outlaw?

In a dystopian future, paper books keep historian Walter Barr up at night. Their ink looks beautiful on their real paper. They have an enchanting smell. They feel good in the hand. And they are 100% illegal, relics of a past made obsolete by the collaboration of a greedy publishing industry and a power-hungry government. Driven by his obsession with paper books, Walter goes to Stallman’s, an all-night coffee house rumored to be a hangout of others who love paper books and risk their freedom to find them. There Walter meets fellow bibliomaniacs Monroe, Beckett, and Zeta. Together, the group pokes into forgotten corners of old buildings looking for the simple, forbidden treasure of even a few pages. All this happens to the horror of Walter’s wife, Karen, who doesn’t love paper books and desperately wants Walter to give up his quest. When the bibliomaniacs’ obsession takes them into a boarded-up old building downtown, however, they make the find that will bring them ultimate pleasure, and perfect doom.

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