Series: Standalone Books
Genre: Science Fiction
Publication Year: 2014
Length: novelette
ISBN: 9780971369795

In a dystopian future where paper books are outlawed, a group of paper-book treasure hunters stumbles upon the find of a lifetime.

About the Book

If paper books were outlawed, would you be an outlaw?

Historian Walter Barr loves everything about paper books—except that they have been outlawed, confiscated, and destroyed.

So when he stumbles across a dark cafe where the denizens revel in spoken-word poetry and the illicit trade of paper books, Walter feels a rush of exhilaration—like he has finally found a home.

Now, with his fearful wife trying to stop him, Walter joins a scrappy crew of paper-book hunters. But what would be worse? Finding nothing, or finding everything?

If you love paper books, you’ll love the page-turning cautionary tale of Bibliomania.

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