Bad Apples

Bad Apples
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Series: Victor Storm, Book 4
Genres: Crime, Suspense
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A retired soldier gladly uses his skills to set something ... not right but righter.

About the Book

Innocent victims plagued by a thug, and a vigilante with a target on his back

Victor Storm has finally stopped looking for trouble, and he feels ready to leave violence behind at last.

But when he finds himself being stalked, and his class profiles a brutal cop killing with impunity, he knows he must act.

Now, Victor has become enmeshed in his most dangerous snare yet, trying to shake the bounty off himself while facing down a trained killer who would love to shoot him first.

If you like troubled heroes with nothing to lose bringing the hammer of justice down on punks who deserve it, you’ll love the page-turning suspense of Bad Apples.

Page-turning vigilante action stories, the Victor Storm books contain graphic violence, strong language, and intense themes. They can be read and enjoyed in any order.

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