Paper Cuts

Paper Cuts
$14.99eBook: $6.99
Series: Standalone Books
Genres: Crime, Mystery
Length: novel
ISBN: 9781961042131

A college student coping with the murder of his girlfriend finds himself and his friends the main suspects.

About the Book

Murder on a cold and quiet night

Freshman Jesse Creed has settled into campus life at a quiet college in upstate New York. He tolerates his classes. He likes his friends. He loves his girlfriend.

But on the cold morning after his girlfriend is murdered, the police come knocking at his door, and everything changes. He stops going to classes, and only his closest friends stay at his side.

Now, Jesse must track down the killer, because the authorities are only focused on him and his friends. The problem is, one of them might have done it, and one of them might be next.

Fans of clean cozy mysteries will enjoy Paper Cuts.

After decades, Paper Cuts the completion of Paper Cuts is finally here. Was it worth the wait? I think so. Read it and let me know what you think.

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