Word Goals

I’ve been considering how to go forward, and now that I’m almost at the place where the main work is writing new words, I think it makes sense to have word goals again. I’ve found word goals to be fun and useful when the main work is writing new words, but frustrating and counterproductive when the main work is reworking projects.

Beeminder has been a good tool for word goals in the past, and I enjoy it when it goes well, which it does when the main work is writing new words every day. When the main work changes to something that doesn’t mean cranking out new words, it becomes a distraction, at least for me. However, it does offer the ability to share a progress graph on my website, which would be useful for the spectacle Kickstarter projects I have in mind.

So, I’ll probably be adopting word goals again, as soon as Monday morning, and I’ll likely be sharing them in the sidebar of my website. Watch for it. Like many things lately, it should be fun