Retiring T.F. Torrey

In the early days, I used the name “Terry F. Torrey” on all my work. That is, after all, my name. I have almost always used my middle initial in my name because, if I don’t, it sounds like Arizona before 1912.

When I first got online (at the end of the last century), it was better for searching and typing in addresses to have short identifiers for people and things. In the interest of brevity, I adopted T.F. Torrey and tftorrey for myself. That was what I was using when I first started publishing, and it’s what I’ve used ever since.

Now, though, I’ve decided to go back to using “Terry F. Torrey” again. With it, people know what to call me when they write or talk to me, and the modern internet doesn’t depend so much on typing things in. It feels like returning to my true self. Plus, it looks better on book covers.

Books you see with my full name are either the revamped and re-released editions I’ve been working on or new releases. Buy them. Books with the old name on them are the old editions. They should not be available in stores anymore, and whatever paper copies exist are now collector’s items.