Elizabeth and me, day fifteen, working.

My name is Terry F. Torrey, and my mission is to change the world by writing things worth reading, connecting them with the right readers, and getting a little better every day. If you like to read intriguing vigilante thrillers, neo-noir crime suspense, campy monster page-turners, and quirky off-beat books and stories, you’re in the right place.

Featured books
Angel of Death
Vampires Versus Comicon
Victor Storm

Stories about Victor Storm’s quest for deeper purpose, philosophical truth, and vigilante justice.

Winter Kills
Angel of Death
Swamp Monster
Bad Apples
Stone Cold Justice
Blaze of Glory
Death Merchants
Jack Trexlor

Stories from the life of anti-hero Jack Trexlor, dark and tense with shades of noir.

The Desert King
The Crazy Jack
The Dancing Queen

Stories featuring Vance Campbell and his family and friends battling wave after wave of humanoid monsters at a happy, oblivious pop-culture convention.

Zombies Versus Comicon
Vampires Versus Comicon
Clowns Versus Comicon
Standalone Books

Books with different characters, settings, plots, and themes, but all with the same style and charm of T.F. Torrey

Bibliomania: A Novelette
Taxi Adventure
Long Way Home: A Ficlet Novelette
Swilling’s Bones
Threshold of Vengeance
Paper Cuts

Collections of my short stories

First Lies
Second Wind

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