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Terry F. Torrey

Clowns Versus Comicon paperback

Clowns Versus Comicon paperback

A Con Chaos Novel

Con Chaos #3

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Time for a wedding. And a fight to the death with evil clowns.

Everyone says that Comicon is safe this year, but humble garbageman Vance Campbell can’t shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen. Despite his misgivings, he goes to support his friends and family.

But when he gets a glimpse of the literal clowns hired to do security—and when one of them goes after his daughter—he knows it’s all going wrong again.

Now, together again with his friends Allison and Ryan, Vance must figure out the secret behind the evil clowns, and what’s growing their numbers, and find a way to stop the carnage. Oh, and he should also make sure they don’t kill his family, and if he can help keep the wedding on track, that would be great, too.

If you like campy apocalyptic adventures that don’t sacrifice scientific plausibility for great fun, where the characters are locked in a desperate battle against unknown forces, with neither the skills nor the equipment to handle the violent task, and you like turning blood-soaked pages as fast as you can, laughing with your heart pounding all the while, you’ll love Clowns Versus Comicon.

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Excerpt: from Chapter Two

With a squeal of delight, Claire broke free of Tabitha’s hand and rushed forward toward Allison. Claire’s happiness reminded Vance of the real reason he had started coming to Comicon, and why he kept coming back.

Allison, a heavyset young woman of about thirty, with long dark hair well past her shoulders, had stopped in the exit space to shout hello to Vance’s family. When she saw Claire rush toward her, she bent forward and reached her hands out to greet her.

The warmth in Vance’s heart chilled as though doused with cold water, however, when the muscular clown at the door saw the rush of movement out in the corner of his eye.

Claire made a beeline straight for Allison, oblivious to anything else around her.

As the little girl ran toward the exit doors, the clown unfolded his arms, reached down, and stuck his hand out to block her path.

Claire bounced off his open palm and thick fingers and stepped back. She looked at him, and her eyes went wide, almost in terror.

“No entry here,” the clown said to her with a cold stare. “Go through the line.”

Vance instantly felt a white heat in his core, and he hurried forward, Tabitha right beside him. The hair on the back of his arms and his neck bristled, and it was clear in his mind that he was going to rip the clown’s arm off and beat him to death with it.

Fortunately, though they were only a few steps away, it was enough time for Vance to get control of his emotions. By the time he reached the clown, he merely intended to beat the clown unconscious.

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