One day left

There’s only one day left of my Kickstarter, and I’m not sure it’s going to make it. I’ll keep pushing, though, but maybe they were right. I don’t know.

One thing I do know, however, is that this has been a good experience. This public effort has forced me to make some decisions and get some things in place that I’ve been struggling with for a while, like my revamped mailing list and direct sales.

And I also know that, regardless of the outcome, SIX more Victor Storm novels are about to hit the market. If the Kickstarter doesn’t get funded, I probably will not do the Spring Rains bundle, but maybe that’s just as well. I can’t wait until all the Victor Storm novels are live and bingeable.

After that, I’ll be pushing to get a new book out every week or two, a goal I can certainly hit. It’s going to be a fun ride.

They said it won’t work

A Kickstarter pro said my Kickstarter won’t work. I don’t have enough social media presence. My mailing list is too small. I don’t have enough Rewards. My genre doesn’t work on Kickstarter. It’s the wrong time.

Is that right? Maybe.

In response, I considered the advice. I can’t change the timing, or the genre, or the size of my social presence. But I can change the rewards. So that I did. I’ve added new discounts for both e-books and print books, and the ability to add more individual print books, and “starter sets” of both e-books and paperbacks.

Will it be enough? I don’t know, but I’m pretty happy with it. If you like books, you should check it out, and tell your friends.


3-Day Novel Day

It’s Memorial Day weekend, which to me means it’s time for the annual 3-Day Novel Contest. Several years ago, I wrote Winter Kills as part of the contest. I think the book turned out pretty good. Though the judges had some kind words, though, it did not win the contest.

This year, I’m not sure the contest is even still going. Their website seems a little behind the times. I hope everything is all right. I like that contest.

I have not spent this weekend writing a novel. Instead, I spent much of this day with my family, cleaning and cooking and having a nice dinner. I also spent quite a bit of time working on direct sales of my books. It’s exciting stuff, but a lot of work.

My Kickstarter needs help, but I’ll have more about that tomorrow.

Author Direct

I spent most of the day today working to implement one of my oldest goals: direct sales of e-books and paper books from my website. I tried to do that in the past, with limited success, but the tools weren’t quite there yet, and it took more effort than it was worth. Now, however, not only are the tools up to the task, purchasing directly from creators has become more common and accepted.

Building the site requires doing a lot of stuff I haven’t done before, so that has slowed the progress. Furthermore, despite the advances, there is a lot of stuff that doesn’t work well.

Nonetheless, I expect to have direct sales rolled out this week. Finally!

Mailing List Rebooted

I spent an enormous amount of time over the past several days rebooting my mailing list. Several years ago, before the pandemic and my personal drama, I was building a decent list of readers on MailChimp. With the troubles and the rework, however, it had become covered in metaphorical cobwebs.

Now, though, with my old books revamped and new books rolling out and new work in the pipeline, it’s time to restart the mailing list. Best practices and tools have changed significantly over the past few years, however, so it was a lot of work. It isn’t done quite yet, as some parts will take several days or weeks, but now the list and reader magnet systems have been migrated over to MailerLite and BookFunnel. It’s starting to look pretty good.

Side note: if you sign up for my mailing list at this BookFunnel page, you’ll get a free copy of Zombies Versus Comicon. Sweet!

The new system also enables direct sales, as well as interesting promotions, which I expect to have going in the next few days. Make sure you’re on the list!