Mailing List Rebooted

I spent an enormous amount of time over the past several days rebooting my mailing list. Several years ago, before the pandemic and my personal drama, I was building a decent list of readers on MailChimp. With the troubles and the rework, however, it had become covered in metaphorical cobwebs.

Now, though, with my old books revamped and new books rolling out and new work in the pipeline, it’s time to restart the mailing list. Best practices and tools have changed significantly over the past few years, however, so it was a lot of work. It isn’t done quite yet, as some parts will take several days or weeks, but now the list and reader magnet systems have been migrated over to MailerLite and BookFunnel. It’s starting to look pretty good.

Side note: if you sign up for my mailing list at this BookFunnel page, you’ll get a free copy of Zombies Versus Comicon. Sweet!

The new system also enables direct sales, as well as interesting promotions, which I expect to have going in the next few days. Make sure you’re on the list!

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